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An art biz owner of nearly a decade turned Marketing Coach. I help Mom Artists like you make a full time income through Instagram without sacrificing time with their family!
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I am a Lettering/Calligraphy artist who founded Pretty Paper Studio - an art/craft supply store based in Dubai - back in April 2012. I started my Lettering/Calligraphy business in Dubai in April 2018 and have taught over 35 in-person Calligraphy Workshops around the UAE, while managing Pretty Paper Studio.
After managing and running both businesses for nearly a decade, I'm now a full time Marketing Coach based in Kerala, India. I help Mom Artists, like you, start and grow thriving businesses using Instagram through my 90 Days Coaching Program called Creative Biz Accelerator.
I have had the pleasure to be featured on Hit 96.7 FM, Friday Magazine, Good Magazine, Baby and Child Magazine among others. My past Calligraphy clients include Prada, HSBC, MAC Cosmetics Arabia and Abu Dhabi Tourism.
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Creative Biz Accelerator

CBA is my 90 Days Coaching Program specifically designed for Artists.
What if...
  • you were able to find premium clients for your art ease?
  • you were able to manage your business while spending quality time with your husband and children?
  • your art business generates exceptional income that youโ€™re able to move into your own studio?
  • you were able to contribute to your family income through your art?
...without having to go in circles trying to come up with a strategy that converts?
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My biggest wins after joining CBA are:
  • I found an accountability partner and an amazing team of CBA mates whom I could connect with and share my wins as well as fears and pain points.
  • Business financial management was put in system.
  • Launched my website.
  • Reached my number goal on Instagram.
  • My content strategy is structured.
  • I'm consistent on self-care and health goals.
The biggest difference I see in myself after joining CBA is that Nielouphar took out the self doubt in me and asked me the most uncomfortable questions which I don't think anyone has ever asked me ๐Ÿ˜… and I have stopped over thinking and Nielouphar made sure I figure out my solutions that has helped me reach here ๐Ÿ™‚ Nielouphar have shown the right path to achieve my goals and vision. The CEO mindset is with which I'm going forward.
CBA coaching program will allow you to explore yourself, experience art business and learn your step forward and implement them to see the results you desire ๐Ÿ‘I'm glad I decided to invest in myself ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
- Sharada Dilip, Happymomentzz.in
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