Birthday Name Banner – Tutorial

Good Morning!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my daughter, Krisha, is celebrating her first birthday next month. I am planning a pink and yellow party theme with a lot of DIY decorations. One of the things I made was a DIY birthday name banner. The banner is super simple to make and I simply loved how it turned out.

I of course had to use my beloved Cameo to help me with it.

I firstly browsed through all the shapes I had in my Silhouette library and decided this star would fit best for my project.

Star1I selected the offset menu from the toolbar in the left corner and clicked the internal offset button and adjusted the slider and make the shadow size to my liking.

Star2I decided to add another layer on it by drawing a circle on top of it.

Star3I then placed the letter inside it.

Star5Once I had the shapes and sizes ready according to my liking I cut each shape individually on the cardstocks and pattern papers.

Oh! I just love my Cameo. It makes my life so easy! (that is my little helper’s hand peeping from the corner) *wink*


I used a double sided foam tape to adhere them all together to give it a 3D affect.


I tied them all through a ribbon and we are done!