Three Common Mistakes Beginners make in Brush Calligraphy

Mistake #1 – Not learning the Basic Strokes

Though calligraphy may look like cursive writing or regular handwriting, they are not the same.


In calligraphy, each letter is a combination of ‘strokes’. We have to first learn these basic strokes and how to combine them to form a letter before moving on to letters and words.

Watch this YouTube Video Tutorial of mine and learn how to draw Basic Strokes.


Mistake #2 – Not using guidelines or grids

Starting our calligraphy practice straight on plain paper is a recipe for a disaster! The grids and guidelines help keep each letters’ height, weight spacing, etc consistent.

Calligraphy practice sheets can be downloaded from various free resources online or can be drawn out using a pencil and a ruler.

Mistake #3- Holding the brush pen/marker at a wrong angle

The best way to hold a brush marker is at a 45-degrees angle (the back end of your marker would be pointing to the corner of the ceiling).

This serves two purposes – your strokes will flow freely, even the transitions from thin to thick or thick to thin, and holding the pen at a 45-degrees angle won’t fray your brush pen/marker.

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