English Brush Pen Calligraphy For Beginners | Online Workshop

Assalamu Alaikum! Hello, my name is Nielouphar Abdurahiman. I am the founder of Pretty Paper Studio, a Calligraphy/Lettering studio plus art supply store based in Dubai, UAE. 


I have taught over 30 in-person Calligraphy/Lettering Workshops so far. My experience as an educator has helped me understand the struggles a calligraphy novice is bound to encounter. And I am so stoked to present my online course which is a reflection of my in-person workshops. 


When you purchase this course, you will gain INSTANT and LIFETIME ACCESS to 9 Video Lessons which will walk you through everything from Supplies Required for Brush Pen Calligraphy, How to hold a Brush Pen, Basic Strokes, Drills, Anatomy of a Letter, Drawing Small Letters/Minuscules, and Connecting Letters. You will also receive a digital file with plenty of Practice Sheets. 


That’s not all! There are 7 BONUS Video Lessons waiting for you where I will be covering techniques like Faux Calligraphy, Bounce Lettering, Adding Shadows and Highlights, Flourishes, Heat Embossing and Fun Watercolor Techniques that you can try with your Brush Pens. 


But the learning doesn’t stop here! You will have access to a private Facebook Group for the continued support from myself and other Calligraphy enthusiasts. 


This is a SELF-PACED Workshop which means you can watch anytime, anywhere with no deadline to finish.



So get set with your brush pens to start this creative adventure filled with fun and lots of learning. I can’t wait to have you on board!



Supplies Required

How to Use the Workbook

How to hold a Brush Pen

Basic Strokes


Anatomy of a Letter

Minuscules / Small Letters

Connecting Letters

Common Mistakes to Avoid


Faux Calligraphy

Adding Shadow to Lettering

Adding Highlights to Lettering

Bounce Lettering

Basics of Flourishing

Watercolour Techniques using Brush Pens

Heat Embossing Your Lettering/Calligraphy


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Price :  4,900.00

Please sign up for the course before starting the lesson.
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