How to create a Doodle Birthday Card | Photo Tutorial

Hello everyone, I am Shahana from I.artistic I will be working on few doodle related projects with Pretty Paper Studio. Before we start, let me tell you a thing or two about doodling. Doodle is creating different drawings that has no particular meaning. All you need is a pencil and paper to get creative. I love vibrant and colourful doodles, but this time I have limited the color tone to black/silver gold and bronze.
For this project all my supplies are  from Pretty Paper Studio online craft store, here are the products i used :

1, Tombow  MONO twin tip permanent marker – Black
2. American Crafts Textured Card stock Pack 12″ x 12″ Neutrals.
3.Sharpie Metallic Fine point permanent markers 3/pkg Gold, Silver & Bronze.
4. Ruler and Pencil.
5.Sakura Pigma Micron Pen set Assorted Size Black 6pc

Fold the AC textured card stock into half, you can cut off the extra part if you think the folded card is too long. Using a pencil draw a bubble and outline it using Tombow MONO Twin tip permanent marker. Inside the bubble, we have to letter out HAPPY BIRTHDAY in bold. One can draw it freehand using marker or if you’re worried that something may go wrong, feel free to use a pencil first and later on outline it using the marker. To fill in the letters I used Sharpie Metallic Fine Point Permanent markers in Gold and bronze.
To cover the blank space surrounding the bubble, draw horizontal lines from top to bottom using a ruler.Now that we have different boxes to fill in, get creative using your microns. I have used Sakura  Pigma Microns from the assorted set of 6 to doodle everything in this project. It is the best for doodling ! Draw different patterns in each horizontal box. It can be swirls, curves, dots or a mix of everything. Did you notice the end product ?  every layer is a repetition of lines. Thick, thin, long and short.  I have patterned every section except a few to create a balance, so that the doodle doesn’t look congested. In the blank spaces, I added black and silver colours. Adding tiny details like leaves, lines or circles will help in avoiding blank spaces.

For the space inside the card, I wanted to draw cute little monsters leaving ample space for the birthday wish. Using a ruler you can mark on four sides of the card & join the lines so that it resembles a smaller box, basic idea is to doodle outside the box. So the drawing looks neat. You can erase it off after finishing the drawing. Doodling is all about imagination, look around for inspiration and you’ll be amazed with the outcome. For the cute monsters I have taken shapes like square, circle and rectangle as reference images. I have always been a doodle lover, my notebooks and blank papers were filled with meaningless scribbles and drawings. Gradually I started following few amazing artists online and they have inspired me a lot. My favorite artist is Zainab from PICCANDLE. Do refer to her amazing youtube tutorials so that you’re hooked to doodling and you can practice more.

Make swirls, hearts, stars and balloons your best friends so that there are no large spaces without any drawing.Outline the monsters using microns and tombow marker. Also, write a simple birthday wish in the middle

Without keeping the left portion of card blank, we can add some minimal details to it. Slanting lines  and small triangles to fill up the space. Doesn’t that make a cool design ? Erase the pencil markings and a very cute doodle birthday card is ready!!!

And the birthday card is ready, you can always make changes with designs and colors to make the card stand out.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I hope you recreate this at your home and gift it to your loved ones.  Do let us know your feedback or queries in the comments below. Until next time,


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