Create School Bag Name Tags using Letter Stamps | Photo Tutorial

Hello crafters! This is Zeyna from Mummy On My Mind back with another Mom & Child craft, this time creating a project for September.

The theme for this month is “Stamptember”. If you are unaware, Pretty Paper Studio recently launched a new collection of stamps and each stamp pack is absolutely gorgeous. I received the Small alphabets Lettering stamp set, which I was really excited to try out because if you’ve been following my Instastories lately, you will know that I am teaching myself the art of brush lettering.

Seeing as it is Back to School month, and Master Z is joining school this year for the first time (exciting times!), I decided to create school bag name tags using the lettering stamp set. They are a super fun way to get your child excited for school and help them identify their own bag, in the sea of Elsa and Spiderman bags that will fill the classroom.

School Bag Tag Letter Stamps mummyonmymind

Below is the photo tutorial of how I made it and list of all PPS items used in this project can be found at the bottom of the post. Let’s get started!

School Bag Tag Letter Stamps mummyonmymind

To create the name tags, I first cut out some cardstock to the desired size using the guillotine. Then using a single hole puncher and star shaped hole punch, I cut out the holes near the top of the tag which will allow the tag to be attached to the bag.

As you can see above, I have created several shapes and sizes, so feel free to get as creative as you would like.

School Bag Tag Letter Stamps mummyonmymind

Now it’s time for the fun part – Stamping! Using the Pretty Paper Studio clear small letters stamp set, I stamped the names on to the tags. You will notice that for two of the tags, I have left the first letter so I can write those with another medium.

Since the stamp set has individual letters, you can try out different colour combinations for the ink too, as I have done, making it multicoloured or whatever you wish.

School Bag Tag Letter Stamps mummyonmymind

To decorate and fill the missing first letters in the name tags that I didn’t stamp earlier, I used the Finetec Coliro Pearl Set in Rainbow and really like the shimmery effect it has added to the name tags. I painted the background using the gold colour for one of the tags, and painted colourful circles for another.

For the border, I added some colourful patterned washi tape around the tags to give it a fun vibe as well as to protect it from tearing. For extra precaution, it would be best to laminate these tags once they are complete so they are waterproof and tear-proof too.

School Bag Tag Letter Stamps mummyonmymind

Seeing as these are school bag tags, I also added the class details on the tags to ensure your child’s bag can be identified by their name as well as class.

I also gave a couple of the names a black outline and like how it has turned out. As I said before, get as creative as you would like, I am only showing you a couple of options.

School Bag Tag Letter Stamps mummyonmymind

To finish off the name tags, attach a key-chain to the hole you made previously or any other kind of attachment that will allow the tag to be joined to the school bag zippers.

And voila! Your child’s personalised school bag name tags are ready. The more colourful they are, the more eye catching to your child, so don’t hold back!

School Bag Tag Letter Stamps mummyonmymind

I hope you enjoyed reading my photo tutorial, and if you do get inspired to recreate it, please do share your projects with me by posting photos on social media using the hashtags #ppsuae #prettypaperstudio #madewithppsuae . Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and/or Facebook, so I can see!

School Bag Tag Letter Stamps mummyonmymind


You can also join the Pretty Paper Studio Monthly Challenge through the following easy steps:

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