Creative Biz Accelerator (CBA) 90 days

What would your reaction be if I said your business could help you earn exceptionally?

What if you could use Instagram and make 6 to 7 figures with the resources you already have?

What if you could manage your business and personal life together without having to sacrifice your family time?

What if you could acquire premium clients for your business without having to go in circles to develop a conversion strategy?

Yes, the Creator Biz Accelerator Program can help you achieve all of it by turning your passion into a full-time income generating business within 90 days.

Here’s the problem…

Here’s exactly why you aren’t closing any clients for your business…

  • You aren’t active & consistent on Instagram and hope to find a client out of the blue
  • You’re too nervous and under confident to make a move and communicate effectively about your services.
  • You sound extremely salesy and end up making no sale at all.
  • You’re ghosted nine out of ten times by the prospect without any explanation.

But….It doesn’t have to be this way at all!


I’m Nielouphar, you can call me Neelu!

An entrepreneur and founder of Creative Biz Accelerator

It all started in 2012 in Dubai. Pretty Paper Studio, an art retail store, was my first baby. I succeeded in generating a six figure income from my business in just three years. But, that wasn’t it!

In 2018, I started my Calligraphy Business and was overwhelmed by the response. I conducted over 40 in-person workshops. Besides, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with brands like Prada, MAC Cosmetics Arabia, HSBC and more such renowned brands.

I’m now a full-time Marketing Coach and Digital Marketing Agency Founder based in Kerala, India. I help businesses like you grow through Instagram without breaking your bank.

My Mission with Creator Biz Accelerator Program

I’ve always been highly passionate about helping women artists and creators make a living and find their way. I’ve had the opportunity to help hudnreds of women reach their milestone and succeed in creating a thriving business.

The 90-day coaching program is born to show the world and every aspiring entrepreneur how to be an unstoppable successful business owner.

And, I’m just getting started… We’ve a long way to go together!

Who is this 90 day program for?

I’ve learned that my blueprint works the best for:

  • Creative Business Owners: Creators and creative minds looking for a tried & tested evergreen marketing strategy

Why ME?

  • I’m a business coach with experience and knowledge about starting and scaling a business from scratch.
  • I’ve built a business and scaled it to a seven figure business from scratch on Instagram
  • You’ll get tried & tested strategies every week to accomplish your business goals.
  • I’ll teach you the organic way to acquire premium clients with no paid ads.
  • I’ll teach you how to price and sell your products/services confidently without sounding salesy.
  • You get 24*7 online support on WhatsApp and Live interaction once a week to talk business.
  • I’ll keep you accountable through weekly to-do tasks and check-ins.
  • The program is 100% result-driven and you get a lifetime access to all the modules and worksheets at an affordable price. 
  • I care deeply for your inner fulfillment, purpose, mission, and holistic transformation.

How does it work?

When you sign up for the 90-day coaching program, we’ll hop on a one-on-one Zoom meeting call and discuss your business goals.

The second step would be developing a customized plan and move you through the following roadmap:

  • Niching down and defining your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)

We’ll start right from the scratch and help you choose a niche and define your ideal client avatar.

  • Help You Build Confidence

You’ll understand the exact limitations and beliefs regarding money and pricing, overcome it and price your products/services with confidence. You’ll no longer be hesitant in communicating and pricing your services.

  • Portfolio Designing

We’ll together design your portfolio with the best graphics and compile your services/products to offer to your clients. Starting from your services, mission, and vision to goals everything is designed from scratch.

  • Plan a Content Strategy

We come together to build a content strategy that helps attract and retain premium clients organically. A well-planned content strategy helps convert followers into high-paying clients and that’s what exactly we’re going to do in the creative biz accelerator.

  • Help you sell confidently

Let’s admit it, selling is an art. And, we know how confidence plays a huge role in it. I will help you master and ace your sales game with confidence and seal the deal in a few follow-ups.

You don’t have to believe me…

Look what our students at CBA have to say

Read more testimonials here.

What’s Inside the 90-day Creative Biz Accelerator Coaching Program?

Inside CBA, you’ll receive:

  • Education: Six Core Modules + Five Mini Trainings
  • Support: 1 Weekly Live Coaching Call + Hot Seat + 24*7 WhatsApp Support
  • Accountability: Weekly to-do tasks + check ins
  • Lifetime Access to core modules, training and coaching call replays.
  • Alumini WhatsApp Group for continued supportpost CBA

Ready to Hit Your Goals? Want to work together?

Hop on a discovery call with me now and let’s discuss more about you, your goals and your journey. At the end of the call, we might end up as a perfect match to work together and I’ll extend you an invitation to work with me as one of my favorite clients.

Take action today and establish a fruitful business within the next 90 days.

All it takes is one click!