DIY Watercolor + Lettering Card | Photo Tutorial

Hello artsy people! Anjali here from ‘The Letters of an Architect‘ and I’m back with another Watercolor and Lettering project for the month of February. This month’s theme is this beautiful color palette from and these are some of my personal favorite colors as well. I have chosen to do a very simple DIY card using these colors from the amazing stationery I received in this month’s DT kit.

The materials used to create this watercolor card are:

Sakura of America White-Glaze Pens 2/pack
Crayola Washable Watercolors
Strathmore Watercolor Paper Pack 5″ X7″ 25 Sheets
Sakura of America Small-Koi Water Brush 9ml
Pentel Arts Asst Color-Colored Pencils 24/p
Crayola Broad Line Markers, Classic Colors 10/Pkg
Pentel touch sign pens

Now, onto how this card was made;
Firstly, I painted the watercolor galaxy background using the Crayola Washable Watercolors. I obtained the Magenta shade by mixing the purple with the red in the palette. I used the Sakura of America Small-Koi Water Brush to paint, as this makes it very easy to control the amount of wetness on the paper.

The thing about painting galaxies is that it requires a really good watercolor paper which won’t warp very easily since we apply a few layers of wet paint over and over.

The Strathmore Watercolor Paper which I received in my kit is perfect for this. It has a beautiful texture to it and very absorbent without warping. Even the A5 size makes it very convenient for small paintings and card-making. I applied a wet wash first then proceeded to dab the paints from either corner of the paper till the center. once the first layer is dry you can apply another layer over it. I used a blow-dryer to speed up the drying process.

After the background was painted, I took another paper and cut it in exactly half. This becomes the center to write the sentiment in.
I also added some doodles and flourishes on the sides of the watercolor background using the Sakura of America White-Glaze Pen. It’s really magical to watch the translucent ink turn to white as it dries. It also has a slightly raised, glossy finish to it once dry.

I also drew in some simple line-drawing florals using Pentel Touch sign pen on the white paper and colored it in using the Pentel Arts Colored Pencils. I again used the same colors from the theme palette and colored a little outside the lines deliberately.

For lettering in the sentiment, I used the Crayola Broad Line Markers. Crayola markers were my favorite tools to learn to letter with as a beginner and I still love using them as they write so effortlessly. All you need to do is write using the point of the tip while writing upward strokes and tilt the pen so as to get wider strokes for downstrokes.

After that, I stuck this card onto the background and pasted it onto another plain card stock paper in A4 size folded in half and trimmed, for the card, I also like how it creates a white border.

And that’s it! A super-easy project for this month using a bunch of highly-affordable supplies.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I made this card. Do leave your comments and queries below.

Until next time… Happy painting!

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