Hero Arts Liquid Watercolor Paints – Review

Hey Crafters! This is Jehan from JeCrafts back again with my contribution for this month. This post is a review of the liquid watercolors from Hero Arts. Pretty Paper Studio was kind enough to send me a set six of these amazing watercolors in my design team kit.


Hero Arts have their own set of bold ink colors. They are artist quality product as they are archival and light. They are also transparent and easy to blend and mix. They have a great assortment of colors and hence provide us with plenty of opportunities to explore.



Hero Arts have introduced a total of 12 colors as of now.

  1. Dandelion
  2. Strawberry
  3. Mulled Wine
  4. Pine
  5. Moss
  6. Deep Ocean
  7. Indigo
  8. Art Print Brown
  9. Black
  10. Purple
  11. Leaf
  12. Dark Teal

The significant feature of these watercolors is that they are pigment based and not dye based. Hence they don’t fade when they are exposed to light. Also, another advantage of being pigment is that they blend better than dyes. They are also darker and pigmented compared to other liquid watercolors available in the market.


These come in 5oz glass bottles with eyedropper head. This eyedropper is designed for maximum control. A brush of size maximum 12 to 14, can be directly dipped into the bottle.

When you begin to use these paints don’t require vigorous shaking. A slight roll of the bottle is more than enough. The carrier in these paints is designed in such a way that it keeps the pigments suspended equally and it doesn’t require any physical exertion. Also a little of these paints go a long way.

The paints when left in the palette will dry off but can be reactivated with a little amount of water. The amount of water has to be carefully monitored as it may dilute the pigmentation. When diluted the dry paint may form granules so it has to be mixed well to completely reactivate the paint.


Also once these paints dry they don’t blend or smear with a new color. So it shows it is a good glazing medium.


Since most of the colors are a set of primary colors you can blend them easily and create a large set of various colors. Deep ocean and strawberry give you a bluish grey. Similarly Dandelion and mulled wine will give you brown. Various combinations of colors can be created using these colors as shown below.





Dramatic textures can be created using salt. The real effect can only be seen when the paint is completely and the salt absorbs all the paint as shown below.

Various projects can be created like Typographies

Also can be used as backgrounds for lettering projects

It can be used to improve efficiency in projects that include embossing etc.

Hope this review was helpful for all. The Hero Arts liquid watercolors is a must have in your watercolor collection. Don’t forget to purchase your set from Pretty Paper Studio Craft Shop. Please do share the projects that you make with these watercolor paints with us by posting photos on social media using the hashtags #ppsuae #prettypaperstudio #madewithppsuae. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and/or Facebook, so I can see!


Until next time happy crafting!

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