How to Batch Create Instagram Reels for Your Art Business

You have probably heard that creating content is the way to grow your business on social media. Well, the real challenge is of course the creation part! Coming up with ideas, filming reels, editing, and all of this consistently — that’s a huge and time-consuming process!

Trust me, as an art business owner on Instagram and a business coach for creative entrepreneurs , I’ve been there. I know how hard it is to create reels regularly. That’s why in this blog, I’m sharing all the techniques I follow to productively create reels and save time.

Batch creating Instagram reels

Batch creating content means instead of creating one piece of content each time, you create multiple pieces of content together one time. You can apply this for any kind of content — reels, posts, blogs. In this blog, you will learn about batch creating reels.

Why is batch creating content important? Firstly, it saves a lot of time. As a business owner, you have lots of things to do other than content creation. The problem of time gets solved to an extent when you create a batch of content together. It’s always more productive when you do a similar set of work together.

Creating a batch of reels may seem too overwhelming. As a small business coach, I keep stressing the importance of batch creating content to my students. In this blog, I share with you tips to successfully batch create reels and be an expert!

How to batch create Instagram reels for better content strategy

Let’s see how you can successfully batch create content for Instagram reels.

Step 1 – Know your ICA

This is very important for any kind of content you create. Research on hat type of content your target audience likes. Find out how you can provide value.

Step 2 – Get your content pillars sorted

You need to decide on your content pillars. They are the foundations of your content and marketing strategy. If you want to create content that converts, get your content pillars sorted. The basic content pillars are creating educational content and promotional content.

On a side note, content pillars and strategy is a topic I cover as a small business coach in Creative Biz Accelerator (CBA), which is a 90-day workshop for business owners. You can join CBA here.

Step 3 – Research and plan

To create reels, you need to watch reels. As a regular reel creator myself, I block a fixed time to watch and analyse reels. You can enjoy the process and plan your reels. That’s the best part about creating them. Find out trending audios and musics. And, see how you can make it into your own content. You can also search for specific content ideas and get inspired by reel styles used.

For example, if you search for something related to calligraphy, chances are you will get tones of amazing calligraphy business ideas and techniques. it’s always a good place to learn. But remember, do not try to imitate others. Reels have a high chance to kill creativity as well. So, don’t fall for it. Note down all your ideas, write the script, and decide the time length.

batch create reels

Step 4 – Block a time

The most important part of batch-creating content is dedicating a portion of your time solely for creating. In this case, shooting your video. Not letting any other activities distract you will make sure that your reels batch creation is a success. Reels do not need a lot of time to shoot. It’s basically just 15 to 60 seconds. So, this step is likely to take you lesser time.

Step 5 – Edit your reels

Finally, edit your reels together. The art of editing is very important to create eye-catching, memorable reels. Editing gives life to a reel. So, make sure you give enough thought into it. You can use third-party editing apps to get the job done. Also, you could consider hiring a video editor if you need professional help and get the job done faster.

Pro tips: Start small!

The key to making any new work successful is by starting small and doing it well. So, if you are new to creating reels, start in small batches. Shoot two or three videos at a time and edit them. Fix a schedule for posting.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. If you discover that batch creating reels is too much stress, then drop it. You can do fine by doing one reel at a time.