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Ideal Client Avatar – What, Why and How with Examples

Once you start a business online, there’s lots of things you need to consider. That’s because selling is an art in itself which should be done skillfully. In this blog, we will discuss about an important part of selling — defining your ICA.

And, a major aspect of selling is to perfectly identify who you are selling to — your target audience. You need to define your target audience so that you will have clarity. The more you know about your audience, the better you can sell.

The ideal client avatar (ICA) helps you define your audience. ICA is an imaginary profile with all the characteristics of your ideal client. This will be the basic foundation of your marketing strategy. If you don’t have your ideal client avatar, you don’t know who to attract to your business. This vagueness will impact your business negatively.

Why is ICA important?

Defining your ICA is important because it will give a pathway for marketing your art business. When you create content, you will have clarity on who it is for, and what it needs to achieve. Finding your ideal client avatar is related to finding your niche. You need to focus on one field or category to grow your business. To learn more about finding your niche, read this blog.

Now, let’s see an example for an ideal client avatar. Let’s take my case. I’m a marketing coach for artists. My ideal client avatar is a female who lives in Dubai, who has children. Her hobbies are painting and drawing. She engages in Facebook groups and hangs out with other moms. She spends significant money on her hobbies. 

As you can see, a whole story revolves around my ideal client avatar. It helps understand their personality and behaviour better. You should also understand what their pain points are and figure out how your product or service solves it.

Here’s another example of an ICA for an artist who does hand lettering: A young adult who loves quirky things and designs. She loves decorating her room and spends on buying pretty decor items. She often hangs out on Instagram and Pinterest, watching aesthetic content.

If you don’t know who your ICA is, it’s like writing a  letter to a complete stranger. Once you define your ideal client, you have a clear strategy and will be able to position yourself as an expert. So, it becomes easier to gain clients. 

You can download a free checklist to get started with your ideal client avatar.

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