How to do Faux Calligraphy | A Step By Step Tutorial

As the name suggests, faux calligraphy means duplicating the look of calligraphy. It is a fun technique you can use when you do not have a brush pen/marker, or you are new to calligraphy but want faster results, or you want to do calligraphy on surfaces like mugs, canvases, wall, etc where a regular brush pen/marker meant for paper cannot be used.

Step 1
Use your marker and draw out the word. Draw it a little wider than usual.

Step 2
Using the marker, highlight the downstrokes. I’ve used a different colour marker here to make it easier for you to understand.

If you do not know which strokes move downwards, sketch out the word on a scrap piece of paper. Wherever your pen moves down, you have a downstroke.

Step 3
Go back and colour in the downstrokes those that you highlighted. This is why drawing the word, wider than usual is necessary – you need space to highlight and colour the downstrokes.

And voila, done! So simple right?

Bonus Tip
Make sure that the areas where you are transitioning from an upstroke to a downstroke (thin to thick) and vice versa are smooth and look seamless.
This way you really can’t tell whether it is actual calligraphy or faux plus it looks neat and beautiful!

This technique can be used on mugs, wooden boards, canvases and even in regular journals!

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Thank you so much!