How to Find Paying Clients for your Art Business!

Find out how and where to find paying clients for your art business.

Before delving into the hows of finding paying customers for your art, you must first define your ideal client. If you do not know who your ideal client is, how are you going to find and serve them?


Formulating the Ideal Client Avatar

If you are new to the acronym ICA and/or do not know how to define one for yourself, watch the following YouTube video.


Identify your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) by asking these questions

  • Where does the client reside?
  • What are the client’s hobbies?
  • Where does the client hangout? Both physically and virtually.
  • What problem is the client facing that you can solve?
  • How much can the client spend on your product or service?

Be very specific and have a clear idea on who your client is.


Here’s how to find paying customers

Social Media Platforms

– Start with 3 and then add more if you can handle the work.

– Pick the platforms where there are good chances of finding your ICA.

– Be consistent and understand how each platform works by reading about it and/or investing in a course and learning from experts.

Believe it or not, I landed commissions from companies like Prada and HSBC via my very own Instagram page.

Creating a username and posting a photo or video once in a blue moon aren’t enough.


Build Your Own Website and a Blog

– It’s provides a dedicated place for new or existing clients to find your products instead of sifting through your social media posts.

– It helps with SEO and Organic/Google Search.

– You are not relying solely on social media.


List your Work on Other Websites

Marketplace, freelance, and directory sites like Etsy, Society 6, Creative Market, Fiverr or Upwork are a good investment.


When I started taking Calligraphy Commissions for weddings, I listed myself on an online wedding directory. It was a paid listing – an investment back into my business.


The directory connected me to brides, wedding planners, event management companies, and more. I landed my M.A.C. Cosmetics Live Calligraphy event through them.


Be easy to find online. Stay up to date with your social media and engage with your customers.


Influencer Marketing

Carefully crafted marketing campaigns with bloggers or influencers whom your ICA would follow can help generate leads and result in sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Setting up Affiliate Marketing for your website or store can help reach a wider audience and generate income.

Attend Fairs or Markets

Keep this in mind for the future, as it isn’t doable at the moment due to Covid-19.

However, attending craft and school fairs really helped me to get the word out when I started Pretty Paper Studio.

Existing Customers

Several of my English Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop students signed up for my Watercolour Lettering, Dip Pen Calligraphy and Hand Lettering Workshops.

Provide existing clients with exemplary customer service and reach out when you have something new coming up.


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