How to Find your First Art Business Client—5 Proven Ways

What’s the first thing to work on after starting your art business online? A logo, business name, branding? Of course not! It’s sales. As a business owner, finding your first customer and making a sale is a more crucial step than anything else.

But, how exactly do you promote art online and find clients? How will they find you? Where should you start promoting your art products? These are the most common questions i get as a small business coach.

All these questions are starting to make you anxious. Don’t worry! Let’s go through this problem of finding clients step-by-step and bring you a solution! Read along to find out how to promote your art business online and find your first customer.

1. Start telling people

If you want the world to know that you are selling art online, you’ve got to start telling them! You can’t just sit around and wait for your first order to come in. I know that there is a shyness to talk about your business. But, as you practise, you will become more comfortable.

Start with your close circles—friends and family. Let them know you are accepting commissions for your art works. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Draft a simple message mentioning your service or products and post it. Here’s an example for you:

“Hey everyone! I’m accepting orders for party invitations. If you have any occasions coming up and need custom invitations, send me a quick dm”

Post such a message on your family/friends Whatsapp or Facebook groups. You could also include photos of some of your best works.

There! You’re now one step closer to receiving clients for your art business!

2. Start Using Social Media

Social media has evolved into a place for not only being social, but also a place to buy and sell. If you are not leveraging social media for your business, you are missing out on a lot.

Instagram is the best place to start selling your art online. Create a business account with the name of your brand and start posting your art works. Don’t wait for the perfect image to start using Instagram. Just take the first step and post your product.

Make sure you optimise your bio to attract the right audience. Include what services you offer and where you deliver. Also include a link to your website or any other place if any. Clearly state how a prospective customer can contact you. You can also invest in a small business marketing consult for better optimization of your brand feed.

When using social media to promote your art business, here are some points to keep in mind:
Be clear about the services you are offering. If you just post pictures randomly and do not talk about your business, you will have trouble finding customers.

Add a clear call-to-action(CTA) in your caption or stories. This means that you have to mention what action the prospective customer needs to take for you to have sales. The CTA could be as simple as “send me a dm for customised invitation cards”. The goal is to make your customer aware of what you are offering.

3. List your business on marketplace websites

Online marketplaces are websites that allow a large number of businesses to sell their products on their website. Such websites have millions of visitors every day.

Popular marketplaces for art include Etsy, Society 6, Zatista,and inprnt. The advantage of listing your art business on such sites is that you will get a wide exposure and get clients from around the world. However, such platforms are highly competitive and will be difficult for a beginner to stand out.

4. List your business on business directory websites

This is a way to find customers without putting in much effort. It is similar to marketplaces in the sense that you sign up your business and wait for interested clients to find you. But, the difference is that such directories are local and have a more niche-specific user base.

When I was accepting commission work for calligraphy, I wanted to work with brides. So, I signed up on a wedding directory website based in Dubai. This brought prospective brides who wanted custom works as well as event management companies.

This is also a good way to gain exposure for your art business because it reaches a wide audience.

5. Promote your art offline

Attend offline events such as art exhibitions, art galleries, etc. Make connections with art lovers and let them know about your services. This is a good way to gain exposure in a community of art lovers.

Another way to give your art exposure is to display some of your products in cafes and other such places in your locality where people hang out. You can ask the owner of the place to let people know your contact details if anyone inquires about your art.


Follow these simple steps to promote your art business online and land your first clients in no time! Remember, finding clients is not always going to be easy, especially in the beginning. You have to actively search for people interested to buy art from you.

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