Paper Flowering Pot

How to make a Paper Flowering Pot | Photo Tutorial

Hello crafters! It’s me, Khushboo from Mumzy Notebook, once again with a ‘Mom & Child’ craft for the month of February. And this time the theme is Love, which seems like a perfect match with Valentine’s Day celebrations happening everywhere you look. Did you get a chance to see some of my previous crafts that I did along with my daughter. Find here detailed blog posts for the Home Décor frames with stamping techniques, and an Ink filled hand made Numbers book.  As for now, let’s get started with this month’s craft: A Paper Flowering Pot.

Paper Flowering Pot

Pretty Paper Studio has recently stocked its online store with many children’s art and craft products, including chunky chalks, crayons, paints, even rock painting kits and so much more. For this month’s Design Team package I was sent a few of these items and wondered how best to utilise these kid friendly products with the theme of Love. I just had to look at the blooming flower bouquets everywhere at this time of the year; an expression of love, and I thought why not create our very own paper flowering pot. A pot with hand crafted flowers that would forever be blooming and a pot that would be beautifully decorated by my daughter with love.


For this craft, the materials I have used can be viewed, and easily put in your shopping basket, once you reach the end of the post. I have also mentioned them with in the post.

Paper Flowering pot

The detailed instructions on how my daughter and I went about creating our blooming flowering pot are mentioned below. Let’s get started!

Step one: Decorate the pot

I have purchased a small terracotta pot, which you can easily find from one of the gardening shops. On the pot, I have used the pink and blue Elmer’s Glow in the Dark Glue to create a simple pattern of lines and dots along the rim.

Once dry, I have handed the Crayola Sidewalk chalk to my daughter and asked her to draw and colour in four different coloured hearts on the bottom half of the pot. That’s the decoration part of the pot done and all that is left is to fill the pot. I have used green crepe here and asked my daughter to stuff it in the pot.

Paper Flowering Pot

Paper Flowering Pot

Step two: Make the Flowers

I have used paper stock by Prima Marketing in the Havana pattern for making three sets of flowers. These flowers are pretty easy to make and once you get the hang of it, you will be making a whole bouquet of them in no time. Using a bottle top, I have drawn out 10 circles on the patterned paper and cut them out. I have folded 9 of these circles in a triangle, as seen in the picture, to create the petals. On the tenth circle, I have put liquid glue and arranged the petals in a circle. While the glue on the flower dries, I have repeated the method to make two more flowers.

Paper Flower Pot

Once completely dry, I have opened the folded flaps of the petals, to give a beautiful 3D look.

Paper Flowering Pot

To make a colourful stem, I have taken a bamboo skewer and wrapped around it as many stickers from the Pink Paislee Whimsical sticker collection, as I can until filled up. I just think these colourful patterned stickers look really pretty and cute, don’t you? You may have to apply extra glue to ensure the stickers stick properly. You can also use some pretty washi tapes here if you have. I have repeated this with two more skewers, of different lengths, to make two more stems.

Paper Flowering Pot

To stick the stems to the flowers, I have used tape at the back of the flowers. I have also gone ahead and decorated the flower centre using the pink Elmer’s Glow in the Dark Glue, and you too can decorate the flowers as you wish.

Step three: Assemble it together

This bit is a lot of fun and really there are no rules on how to go about doing it. I have arranged the three flowers in the pot, of different heights, by poking them into the green crepe paper stuffing in the pot. I have also added an additional skewer with a ‘Love’ message from the Pink Paislee Whimsical sticker collection, to complete the look. You can similarly use a sticker, or have a hand written message.

You can choose to stop there or carry on going with the decoration. The possibilities are endless, with more stickers, or even a jute string along the rim of the pot.

Paper Flowering Pot

This Paper Flowering Pot could be a wonderful craft to do with your child, that you can keep and cherish for a long time, or also to gift to someone in order to express your love. My daughter is going to gift our flowering pot to her dad, so that he can keep it on his office table at work. Every time he looks at it, he will be reminded of how much we love him, and he won’t even have to worry about remembering to water the pot too. See, #winwin?

Pper Flowering Pot

I hope you enjoyed this simple, yet fun ‘Mom and Child’ Craft and have been inspired to create something similar of your own. And when you do, be sure to share pictures of your craft on social media using #ppsuae #prettypaperstudio #madewithpps . Also, don’t forget to tag @ppsuae and @mumzynotebook, on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy crafting!


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