How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers | Photo Tutorial

It’s LOVE month, everyone! In the Philippines, this is another season for flowers. There, you’d spot women being surprised at work with a package of a gorgeous arrangement of bouquets from their special guys. While teenage girls would receive a stem or two of roses from their earnest admirers. Still, others would get flowers from their BFFs. Such sweet gestures and lovely scenes to see. Now, I feel nostalgic.

Howdy, DIY’ers! I’m Didith from KnickKnacks Creative. Apparently, we at Pretty Paper Studio are preparing special blog tutorials that are associated to “Love” and are intended especially for hands itching to craft.

So, are you planning to give your friends or special someone some lovely blooms this Valentine’s? Flowers don’t need to cost a fortune, do they? How about challenging ourselves to make flowers that would look like real peonies. 

Yes! Today’s simple tute is for us who are beginners in creating paper flowers. What I have realized is that all we need is crepe paper, some inspiration pegs from Pinterest and a little bit of craftiness. Let’s get started!

Step 1. Prepare the following materials.

Canson crepe papers (colors cream, bright orange, and green)

Sticks or wood dowels


Low-temperature glue gun

Floral tape

Thin wires (available was cable ties, head cut)

Black cardstock

Craft  wrapping paper

Bistro chalk marker

Jute string


Step 2. Make different shapes and sizes of petals.

Starting with the cream crepe paper, I trimmed up three sets of petals which had different desired shapes and sizes. Each set had around 8 or more pieces. To make the petals more realistic, I tried pulling the top edge of petals to ruffle, and shaping petals to cup inward slightly.

The sculpting of petals was so satisfying.  It felt that I was making real petals. This Canson crepe paper’s so good and awesome to work with.

Step 3. Create a stamen.

To make a stamen, I fringed a piece of orange crepe paper (about 2 inches long), made some twisting on each fringed strips as shown in the photo, and glued its base around the end of the stick.

Step 4. Glue the petals together.

I went on with the gluing the first set of the smallest petals under the base of the stamen. Then, kept repeating the same on heart-shaped petals, gluing the petals around the base of the bloom. And lastly, glued the last set of large petals under the base of bloom to form a peony. Set aside.

Step 5. Make leaves.

I proceeded by trimming the green crepe paper which would look like the shape of the peony leaves. I wrapped the cable ties with floral tape, then glued each end to the end of the leaves.  Set aside.

Step 6. Collect and put them all together.

As I turned the bloom over, I glued small leaves onto the stick and around the base. Using floral tape, I covered the top two inches of the stick, then just added the stem of the leaf. Finished off by covering the rest of the stick with floral tape.

Ahh! This had really put a smile on my face. I could not stop myself to create more! I have in my stash several pretty colors of Canson crepe papers to try on.  Lemon, bright orange, white, turquoise, straw yellow, and metallic ones as well.  Which one should I make next with?

Step 7. Personalize.

It seems like Mother’s Day came early this year. This Valentine’s, I’m extending my love and cherishing to my first BFF – my mom, who’s miles away. I’m dedicating this blog to her who adores flowers so much.

On black cardstock, I wrote “Nanay” using my trusty Bistro chalk marker. Then I taped it on a stick and covered the back with craft paper on which I could also write an extra special note.

Step 8. Arrange as a bouquet.

I placed three flowers in a craft wrapping paper and tied them with jute string, adding a rustic touch to my bouquet. I really like creating a clean and simple look with a touch of sweet personality.

Tadaa! I’m pretty sure my mom’s gonna like my handmade flowers. Friends, would you please help me send this virtually to her. (Uploading LOVE… Sent!) Yay! Thanks, guys! You’re the best!

As crafters and creatives, we all know the amazing and beautiful ways to use and even decorate paper flowers. These are great for putting on wreaths, gift wrap packages, hats, photo backdrops, garlands, and so much more. They make great centerpieces for weddings and parties. They are sure to make a statement.

Oh, I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial and I hope you, too, give this a try!

Furthermore, we at Pretty Paper Studio Design Team look forward to seeing your own DIY “Love” projects and experiences. Avail the PPS’s 50% wow discounts on crepe papers which is valid only until supply lasts.  And do share your gorgeous projects with us by posting them on social media using the hashtags

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Until our next handmade project.

Create with us. Create with love.


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