How To Stamp In Your Planners | Photo Tutorial

Ever been intimidated  by the thought of stamping in your planners? Yes? No? Maybe? Whatever be the answer, I am pleased about this month’s theme ‘Stamptember’ and what better way to make use of the recently released stamps by Pretty Paper Studio in my Classic Happy Planner.

First of all, do not be intimidated by the thought of stamping. I assure you it is going to be fun, messy (that’s alright, right?!), and super easy.  As an introduction to the planner I am using, it is a Classic sized vertical Happy Planner in Magic Blooms.

Using some scrap washi tape, cover up area outside the borders of the ‘vertical box’ in order to make sure that the stamp does not go beyond the boundaries.

Then using an acrylic stamp block,  a clear stamp of your choice to create the background for the boxes , stamp ink (here, I have used Old Rose Chalk Ink), stamp away using firm pressure but careful not not to over do it. Do the same for other areas of your choice.

TIP: You can cover an entire vertical box or do it randomly spread across to create a sense of interest across the page.

Next, use a clear stamp to create a box with bullet points to jot down things to get done, to remember.

Create headings for the boxes by using Hustle, Remember this, Today, Errands. I loved using the “plans box” with the 1,2,3 lists.

Do not forget to mark your appointments for any particular days either! See how simple it is to stamp in your planners?! Just stamp, wipe using a baby wipe, and stamp again using another ink if you desire.

It is all about mixing elements to create that added dimension to your planner spread. Who said planning out your week has to be boring? You can be a straightforward, simple to-do list/cross it off the list planner gal(or guy) or you can take it up a notch and make it pretty and beautiful like I do! Whatever works for you is the best way.

I cut out few cardstocks that went with the color scheme of my planner spread and stuck it in some vertical spaces to add an element of color which serves as a space to make a note of something interesting that happened during the day.

To practice a bit of my lettering and create some tag words as a positive note for my day, I used the floral corner border to stamp on certain areas and faux lettered!

Finish it off with some cacti succulents to decorate from the stamps released by our favorite craft store Pretty Paper Studio, embellish with some coffee cups as borders and we are good to go!

As a final touch, I used a couple of ephermeras and a butterfly stamp to make it a touch more decorative and functional.

This is how the planner spread looks after the pen.  Until the next post, happy stamping!