Hello everyone! It’s Zeny Liz here, I have recently joined PPS’ Creative Design Team. I’m an Architect with a great love for crafting, a mother of three boys and a full time working mom. I aim to bridge the worlds of art and architecture. Crafting makes my soul happy, it makes my heart full and most importantly, it keeps me sane. I do various crafts such as crocheting, painting, paper cutting, planning and art journaling, modern calligraphy and polymer clay art. I just love to create, I myself is a huge fan of hand-made products. Being a part of this incredible team makes me feel really grateful. Thanks to Neelu and the entire PPS team for believing in me. I hope to inspire you with my creations.

This month’s theme is all about “Old is Gold” and I will be sharing with you how I use Tombow Dual Brush pens and Embossing in my artworks as inspired by Hussena’s January 2017 project.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Zing Embossing Powders are amazingly beautiful tools for Modern Calligraphy and Illustrations. Tombow’s colors blend so well that create beautiful effects and they are self-cleaning too! No need to worry about staining your pens, you just need to rub the tip on a paper until it goes back to its original color. On the other hand, Zing Embossing powders are even, opaque and vivid which add dimension to your lettering. They add just the right amount of glitter or sparkle to every project.

First, let me show you how I make Floral Wreath + lettering by using the Watercolor technique.

I scribble and blend colors on the Blending Palette with the brush tip of the markers. Then I pick the colors with Aquash Water Brush (Fine brush) that is loaded with clean water.

I normally sketch a circle with a pencil (very lightly) to guide me on the placement of each element. After achieving the desired tone and transparency, I start to paint.

I love using florals as a background to my lettering projects. Here’s a step-by-step illustration on how I usually create my layouts.

“The biggest difference I’ve noticed between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t intelligence or opportunity or resources. It’s the belief that they can make their goals happen.” – James Clear

Always believe in yourself.

I normally clean off my blending palette with a small amount of water and a paper towel. Easy-peasy.

The next technique that I will show you is one of my favorites. Hussena calls it Smooshing, Tombow calls it Splash Background and other crafters call it Wash transfer, Watercolor wash background etc. I love the effect that this technique creates. All you have to do is to scribble and spread the colors on the Tombow blending palette. It is important though that you choose colors that complement each other to achieve a beautiful blend. Then, spritz water on the palette using Tombow Spray Mister to allow the colors to blend and create the wash effect.

Next, is to take your paper, and place it on top of the blending palette. I used Prima Marketing Watercolor paper 140lb. Gently press the paper to smooth it out and carefully lift it from one of the corners to witness the magic! Let it dry or use a heat gun to dry it, prior to any lettering.

For heat embossed lettering, I use my Ranger Emboss IT pens to do a faux modern calligraphy and I often add flourishes on it. Then I pour my Zing Embossing powder on top of the lettered areas. I always make sure that everything is covered to achieve the best result. Then, I tap all excess powder to an A4 size blank paper in order for me to neatly put them back to its container.

Here, let me show you how I usually do it.


Now it is time for the embossing heat gun. You need to warm it up a little then just wave it back and forth on top of every stroke, about 50mm away from the paper.

Then it’s done! Another magical sight!

This lettering layout goes out to you, my Muslim friends, may you be blessed with good health and prosperity.

So that’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed reading through my blog post.

Stay tuned for more creative ideas!


To enter this month’s challenge, here are the guidelines:
1. Create a project with the theme ‘Old is Gold’.
2. Upload your entry at our Member Gallery and link us up in this thread in the forum May 2017 – Old is God.
3. All entries are due by May 31, 2017.
4. Challenge winner will receive a prize pack worth AED50.

1. A winner will be announced only if we have THREE new submissions.
2. All projects submitted for the challenge must be NEW and created AFTER the challenge went live.