instagram story ideas for artists

7 Instagram Story Ideas for Artists to Double your Reach

Need inspiration for your next Instagram story as an art account? Here are 7 great Instagram story ideas for artists to help you through. 

If you are running out of Instagram story ideas, it’s time to hit ‘refresh’ and begin again. Your Instagram story is the perfect place to engage followers, promote your art and create a buzz around your biz. That means if you are not posting regular stories, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Turn it around with my tried and tested Instagram story ideas for artists. With them, you will be able to create an endless pool of content that brings you closer with your true audience. 

 7 Instagram Story Ideas for Artists to Get Creative

1. Tell Your Story

What’s your story? What led you to start your business? Let your audience in on your beautiful journey. Create a bond that stands the test of time. Inspire confidence and generate leads – by just telling your story. 

2. Ask a Question

What better way to connect with your audience than having a little chat? Spice it up with fun questions about your business. Ask their opinion on something. Let them make an assumption about you. Or, wear your expert hat – and answer their question about your art/niche on your Instagram story

3. Show Them a Packaging/Unboxing Video

If you are packing an order or you have a video of your customer unboxing one, share it on your Instagram story. Later, make a reel and take it to your feed. Or, make a process video and give them a sneak peek into your world. This is a great Instagram story idea for artists.

4. Do a Pop Quiz on your Instagram story

Why not use Instagram’s Quiz sticker to make a series of quizzes with the right answers? The quizzes can be about you, your art or your brand. This way, you will be creating brand awareness by being creative. Do what you do best – but this time, with strategy. 

5. Share Customer Testimonials

There is no better word than ‘word of mouth’. Customer reviews build trust – and they do so at a deeper level. Dig up your customer reviews. Make them look nice with the help of an app like Canva and share them on your Instagram story. Let your happy clients do all the talking. 

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6. Spread Joy by Sharing a Recipe

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” – and, I agree. You will be amazed to see how food brings people together. Share a new recipe every now and then to let your audience know what’s cooking. If the food recipe is not yours, give credits on your Instagram story

7. Say thank you

From time to time let your audience know how amazing they are – use interactive stickers, poke some fun and engage your community on your Instagram story

Pro Tip: Instagram stickers can make your Instagram story better. Use them well. 

If you ever find yourself looking for inspiration, you can find me at [email protected]. And, what’s more you can come discover the secrets of marketing and selling on Instagram. Keep an eye out for more Instagram story ideas and the hashtag #SparkOnWithNeelu.