Introducing Design Team 2018-19

We are humbled and honoured to have NINE awesomely talented ladies as a part of our Design Team! Alhamdulillah.

What does a Design Team Member do you ask? They will create stunning projects using supplies sold at Pretty Paper Studio to help you learn new techniques, and provide ideas on how you can make the most of your crafty investments! Stay tuned for some major inspiration coming your way!

Scroll down to learn more about the creative individuals that will be a part of our Design Team for the next few months.

Anjali Rengan

Hi everyone! My name is Anjali. I’m an Indian currently residing in Jeddah, KSA with my husband. I am a calligraphy and lettering enthusiast and I love trying out artworks of different mediums, acrylics and watercolours being my favourite. I’m an architect by profession and that laid the foundation for my passion for lettering and art. I began my journey in lettering last year when I was inspired by the works of fellow artists on Instagram and decided to try my hand at it, and fell in love with it instantaneously.

I recently ventured into digital art and lettering and now take up projects like wedding invite designs, logo making, custom posters etcetera apart from my usual watercolour and hand lettering projects. Art is a form of therapy for me, and it is instantly relaxing and fun when I create something. I also love encouraging others to try their hand at it which is why I am thrilled to be on this team!

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Didith Bautista

Hello! I’m Didith! I am a Filipina-WAHM Civil Engineer and a PassionPreneur in progress, currently based in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. I rediscovered my love for crafts and hand lettering thru following creative people on Instagram. I learned from them that beautiful idea of spending time with my then 5-year old son crafting and making and doing projects other than his school homework. One afternoon in 2016, my love for watercolour brush calligraphy was born. This has been my creative me-time from then on.

My creations have evolved from watercolour brush calligraphy to hand lettering on different mediums and canvases, to analogue and digital, producing a variety of handmade products. I am blessed to have clients who see potentials in me and help me grow my craft.
I named my small business KnickKnacks Creative. I am delighted to be a member of Al Ain Arts and Crafts, a group of passionate makers and sellers of handmade products here in Al Ain.

I believe that passion and purpose are always better together. They work the best side by side. I wish to fulfil God’s plan for my life through this gift that He has bestowed on me.

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Fathima Jehan

I’m Fathima Jehan, Indian residing in Dubai for the past five years. I’m a civil engineer by qualification but right now a happy stay at home mom for my 3yr old princess. Art and crafting have been a big part of my life since childhood. Being in the gulf from a very early age, most of my lone time was invested in doing some form of art. Anything that connects me to my creativity fascinates me. I love to experiment in different art and craft mediums. I do quilling, paper crafting, watercolour painting, DIY and the list just goes on.  Right now about a year, I am into brush lettering and calligraphy. And I must say that the experience is absolutely amazing.

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Khushboo Sanjania

Hi, my name is Khushboo, a British expat residing in the UAE for almost 7 years now. Graduated as a Medical Geneticist and now a full-time SAH mum, I devote my time to my daughter and my blog (Mumzy Notebook). I have always been quite crafty and currently, my creativity is channelled into my daughter’s arts and crafts. It’s always the simple crafts that are fun to build together and bond over. Apart from that, I also enjoy creating DIYs for myself, water colour painting, journaling and attempting some brush lettering whenever I can.

I am SathyaKala, Toxicologist by Qualification and Passionate Papercraft Enthusiast. I am from Chennai, India currently residing at UAE. Am inclined towards art forms from childhood. Been blogging and crafting for the past 7 years. I dabble in different art forms – Quilling, Cardmaking, Stamping, Mixed media, Altered Art and recently WaterColoring and Brush Calligraphy. Learning new art forms keeps my mind fresh and inventive. I find that one passion crosses over the next, giving a different spin to it.

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Ujjwal Gupta

Hello, my name is Ujjwal Gupta and I am a software-engineer-turned-stay- at-home-mom to a 5 years old naughty girl. I worked in a multinational company for 3 years as a software developer before calling it quits.

I have been paper crafting and blogging for more than 7 years now and it has been a very rewarding journey. From being a hobby, it has now become an entrepreneurial venture and a very satisfying one. While I felt stuck in my corporate job, this creative venture has been the most gratifying part of my life.

My style of art is mostly on the clean and simple lines and I love experimenting with different forms of art as well as mediums.
I love sharing my work with the enthusiastic creative community and I am thankful to Pretty Paper Studio for the opportunity to share my work, meet new people and learn in the process.

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Zaneena Nabeel

Zaneena is an architect by profession and an artist by passion. She is an artist from India and currently based in Dubai. Zaneena experiments and enjoys all sorts of medium. Her paintings are so dreamy that they would take you to a magical world where colours surround you and you immerse yourself in her galaxies. She is a total aurora!

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Zeebi Kabeer

Hi there! I have always been the planner in the family and the gal who loves to make lists and organize. I started Bullet Journaling in May 2017 and then dived into the world of Happy Planners in December 2017. It has been amazing so far, both the planning process and the sharing of ideas within the planner community, which has been nothing but an amazing source of inspiration as well as mutual support.

I may be an organized planner gal, but in no way, am I the one to stick to a particular rigid set of rules, as I fall out of it quite easily and find myself exploring other stuff. So join me in this journey into my little planner haven, where you get to see me playing around with lettering and small bits of crafts, planner related DIYs, hacks, and other tips!

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Zeyna Sanjania

Hello All! My name is Zeyna Sanjania. I am a British Indian expat, and mummy to two boys (Master Z, aged 4 years old and Little Z, aged under 1 year old). I am a Family and Lifestyle Blogger at, as well as a mumpreneur, having very recently launched Mummy On My Mind Store on Little Majlis, where I create bespoke portrait doodles.

I am a creative at heart, having studied Art through school and college and going on to gain a degree in Architecture. I love painting and doodling, and especially crafting with my eldest son. I am super excited to continue being part of the PPS design team and look forward to creating many more projects in the coming months!

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