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Finished Front

Finished Front


This is Aliza from posting for the very first time on PPS UAE blog. I have created a mini album and tried my best to keep it as simple as I can for you all to understand it. As the theme of this month was ‘Anything Goes’ so I have used the ‘simple stories’ paper pack which I really love and adore. I will write down the necessary measurements below so that it will be easier for you. I will also list down all the items used below so that you can purchase them from


Cardstock for cover:  two pieces of 7” X 7” and one pieces of 11/4 “X 7”

Page Sleeves:  four pieces of 6” X 7” and four pieces of 6” X 6”

Inside pocket page: four pieces of 51/2” X 51/2

Page1:        four pieces of 5” X 6” and four pieces of 4” X 41/2

Designer paper – four pieces of 53/4“ X 53/4

Eight pieces of 53/4 “ X  41/4

Eight pieces of 33/4 “ X  33/4

Page 2:  four pieces of 6” x 41/2” and four pieces of 7” X 3”

Designer paper –eight pieces of 33/4“  X  53/4

Four pieces of 21/4“  X  53/4

Four pieces of 31/2“  X  53/4


album base

This is the base of the mini album


Hinge Demo

This is how to cut the hinges

This is way you need to cut your hinge diagonally from both the corners so that pages can slide in properly and then attach it to the binding cardboard piece.

Then I covered the sides of the cardboard piece by designer papers and applied score tape on both the sides of the hinges and attached the papers to it.

Designer Paper Placement

Designer Paper Placement

Designer Paper Placement

Designer Paper Placement

Then finally I covered the front with designer paper and attach some stickers, enamel dots and key charms to it. So here is the final project.

Finished Front

Finished Front

Finished Front Continues

Finished Front Continues

Finished First Page

Finished First Page

I hope you enjoyed it! Do let us know your feedbacks and queries in the comment down below.

Also, don’t forget to join this month’s challenge. Here are the things you need to know:

  1. Create a project with the theme “Anything Goes”.
  2. Link us up in the “November 2017: Anything Goes”challenge in the PPS FB group.
  3. All entries are due by November 30, 2017.

Challenge winner will receive a prize pack worth AED 50