productivity tips for work from home mothers

7 Productivity Tips for Work from Home Mothers to Achieve More

productivity tips for work from home mothers

Working from home is convenient. But when you’re a mother, it can be an entirely different story. This blog will round up the best productivity tips for mothers who work from home so that you can stay on track with both work and parenting. 

Working from home has its advantages. But, it comes with its own set of distractions too. When children are factored into the mix, working from home does not get any easier. Juggling work and parenting can be a challenge – but it does not have to be. 

So, what’s my secret to staying productive as I work from home while being a mother of two lovely kids? Well, the secret is simple – but it might take some practice. 

Let me guide you through these expert productivity tips that can help you become the performer of the month and the mom of the year:

7 productivity tips for work from home mothers

1. Focus on one task at a time

If you believe multi-tasking increases efficiency, you’re making the same mistake I did years back. We perform the best only when we focus on one task at a time. Hence, as you work from home, practice time blocking. Don’t do laundry while replying to emails. Set aside 10AM to 10.30AM for laundry, and the next 15 mins for replying to emails.

2. Keep to-do lists

When you work from home, you should keep to-do lists. It helps you plan in advance. It not only lowers you anxiety and keeps you sane, but also serves as a great brain dump. With a to-do list, the chances of forgetting or overlooking things is not present. Also, ticking things off your to-do lists is weirdly satisfying. Try it – and don’t worry if you’re not finishing off all tasks in your to-do list. No one does. 

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3. Stick to a meal plan

This is not one of the productivity tips you saw coming. But when you have your meals planned out, you end up saving a lot of time. You shop accordingly, and save some more time and energy that you can invest elsewhere. Fun fact: It works! 

4. Cook in batches

When you’re already in the kitchen preparing a meal, why not cook and freeze for the next day too? It will help you save time and focus your energy on other things. Moreover, when it comes to marketing content, you can cook them in batches and keep them ready too. 

5. Find an Accountability Partner

If you’re wondering how this is one of the productivity tips, let me tell you this one works great when you work from home.  It not only keeps you committed to your work but also gives you a friend and an expert to discuss work related issues. Besides, they encourage you on your bad days and help you focus better on all the other days. 

6. Delegate tasks

By this I mean, ask your husband to take charge of some of the household chores. When he takes care of things around the house or the kids, he is not doing a favour. He is doing his share of the work and being a responsible parent just like you are.


8. Listen to something relaxing 

This is one of the productivity tips that helps you keep going when you work from home. When you are doing tasks that are repetitive and boring, listen to some podcast or music. As for me, I sometimes tune in to listen to the Holy Quran or catch up on my favourite podcasts. 

Whether you’re work from home or not, remember it is all about working hard and smart at the same time. Liked these productivity tips? For more tips, hacks and recommendations inspired from real-life experiences, sign up for my email newsletter or say hello at [email protected]