Simple Quilling Project – Photo Tutorial

Hey Crafters! It’s Jehan again from JeCrafts here on the blog today. This time I have brought a simple quilling project. The best month of the year is here, when love fills the air, hope all of you had a wonderful time with your valentine. Complimenting to the ambiance is this month’s theme. Our theme is a brilliant color palette from This palette has the 2018 Pantone Color of the year – UltraViolet. The colors of the palette bring in a lot of grace and composure. So lets get started !

First, we prepare the background with a 5 inch * 7 inch mixed media paper. The background color was prepared using brush pens. I selected Rubine Red, Hot Pink, Purple and Imperial Purple from the Tombow Dual Brush Pens set – Bright. Take a plastic ziplock bag/sandwich baggie and color small splotches using the brush pens. Wet the paper with water spray/water brush pen. Press the plastic bag, colored side down, on top of the wet surface, so the ink bleeds throughout. Smush as needed with your fingertips to spread the color. Pull the plastic up to reveal the texture. In case you use a water spray to wet the surface you may need to remove excess water if any.

To add more effect to the background sprinkle some watercolor paint after the surface has completely dried.

Next, we prepare the quilled elements.

We start with the main elements that are the flowers.

Swirl the quilling paper using your slotted tool. And place the swirl into circle template board. Allow it to expand in the circle template.

Glue the end of the coil. Create a semi-circle by pinching two corners while leaving the paper above them around. Curve the straight edge of the shape to turn the semi-circle into more of a crescent moon shape. Glue the edges to make a tear-shaped petal.

Take another color paper strip a little different shade than the previous one and coil it around the shaped petal.

Make the other petal in the same manner. The center of the flower is a small closed coil. Glue the flower together.

Now we move on to the swirls.

Choose a bunch of quilling strips in different shades. Stack them one over the other and stick them together. Coil them using the back of the quilling tool until you get the coil to the size and shape you want. Measure the swirl to the length you desire and apply a little glue between the layers of paper on the tail end . Then, cut all the strips at the same place, right where the glue ends. Coil the tail end again. The final swirl will look as below.

Now the next swirl. Take a bunch of quilling paper either in the same color or in different shades. Cut them to the length you want the swirls to be. Stick all the papers in one end together. Then swirl the other end of the paper downwards in different lengths. Your swirls will look as below.

Now to provide a rigid base for sticking the quilled elements on to the paper create a small layer of toothpicks crisscrossed.

Now arrange and stick the quilled elements as shown in the picture below.

And here you go, the final look

Hope you guys enjoyed this month’s project of mine. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please feel free to share your queries and feedback in the comments section below.

Until next time happy crafting!

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