My love,

Starting and scaling a business is no walk in the park

And what’s even harder is…


Growing your business to new heights and gaining the freedom of time and money you really deserve.


You need a clear mindset, direction, or the mentorship of someone who’s been in the trenches.

Let's face it:

  • You’re in deep struggles in business initially and don’t know how to smoothly navigate them.
  • Oftentimes, you feel puzzled by the responsibilities that come to your shoulders as you take on the entrepreneurial world.
  • Your self-doubt, fear of failure, and imposter syndrome make the world smaller for you.
  • You fail to articulate the value of your product/service and end up undercharging.
  • You fear investing in a mentor who could guide you to turn things for the better.
  • And sooner or later, when you’re at all stuck in your current business; what’s better you think than... just giving up!

And this vicious cycle of giving up on your business dreams never ends. 


The fact is…


It’s Not Enough To Just “Be In The Business” Anymore.


Specifically for small businesses, market disruption and turbulence are truly here.


And it has split the business world into two groups:

Group 1 - The Give Up-ers

This is by far, the majority of business builders.

They’ve no strategy, no measures, and no game plan.


And as their business goes off the rails, they start giving up. 


Now, look!


I empathize with Group 1, I really do.


In fact, 


I want to make sure you position yourself correctly!

Hey, I’m Nielouphar (Neelu).

An entrepreneur, business coach, and a single mother of 4

I started working at just the age of 17. 

After trying my hand at various businesses, I found my footing in the business world in 2012 when I launched my Art Supply Retail Store - Pretty Paper Studio

What started as a bootstrapped business, was built and scaled into Six Figures in just 3 years.

In the year 2018, I also formally launched my Calligraphy business, I have never looked back!

I conducted 40+ in-person workshops and worked for giant companies like Prada, MAC Cosmetics Arabia, HSBC and others.

And let me tell you, I am just like you.

I didn’t have any edge in getting started as an entrepreneur.

I'am an average Indian girl who paid for her Bachelors and Masters degrees herself.

Since then, I have been on a mission.

A mission to give everything I could to help business owners like you build a business in 2023

A mission to help you jump from Group 1 (The Give Up-ers) to:

Group 2 - The Winners!

This group of business builders aren’t worried about digital waves and market hype.


Better, they’re excited.


The truth is


There is a proven system to help them with their business goals and marketing in one short month without any confusion, hassle, and neck-breaking dives.


And wow…


What a coincidence…


You’re currently reading an invitation to become a part of that exact system!


All of my students belong to Group 2.


They’re not just ‘mere’ entrepreneurs, but strategic business builders.

Here’s Nadia reaching new heights in her business with my help:

Meet Noumin, who got unstuck right after the very first module!

The thing is…

I have created a new standard of a business mentorship program that fits right in!

It’s a game-changer, I call it:

Small Business Kickstarter (SBK)

Before jumping into all the exciting details of SBK, just imagine for a minute:

🔺️I’ve integrated my 10+ years of experience and expertise into launching a business and making it successful.

🔺️It’s an integrated framework that any business builder can use for any niche to even a six figures launch.

That, in essence, is what SBK is:

🔺️You’re getting one of the most effective and in my experience, the most complete small business building program.

🔺️SBK gives you everything it takes in one short month!

Speaking of which:

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in one-month short period of SBK:

  • How to set smart business goals and vision broad (it sets you apart and gets 90% of your competition nuked out of the water!)
  • Little-known strategies to find out your niche, its size and growth, and everything in between.
  • How to draw the buyer journey/persona of your ideal prospects - their goals, challenges, motivators, pains, and other traits (until you know your prospects’ persona, it’s like selling sand to a desert nomad).
  • [Making you an equipped business builder!] A proven process that puts you far ahead of your competition, strengthens your confidence around money and pricing.
  • How to design and present your portfolio—the right way (you can think of it as a lookbook that nails the brief every single time!)
  • Designing a tailored content marketing plan that elevates your brand, drives targeted and relevant conversions.
  • How to sell like a boss! Master the inner game of selling, and use psychological triggers to sell in your niche as a pro does (this alone can change your game forever!)

And much more!

And let me be clear, you’ll get access to:

🔺️6 Live training sessions of core modules, we’ll discuss everything it takes (and more!)

🔺️8 Live coaching calls – with hot seats for every attendee.

🔺️Unlimited access to support and accountability via a private WhatsApp group. 

🔺️Continual home tasks and assignments to make sure you move in the right direction…


🔺️ High-performance coaching to almost ‘force’ you to get the best possible results.

In other words,

We’ll Do Everything You Need To Become Top 7% Of Business Builders In This Digital & Disruptive Age

I’m wondering about the version of yourself after you came out of this program!

  • You unlock a new level of confidence in business, pricing & strategy designing that radiates from within, both on camera and off.
  • You take your business from stagnancy & barely surviving to the thriving & success you’ve always dreamt of.
  • You become capable of building & scaling your biz on a solid, well-executed strategy while not just shooting in the dark and relying on 'hopes and prayers'.
  • You’ll instantly take the stress out of pricing and start charging with ease and confidence.
  • You will (literally!) write your 6-figure paychecks, rinse and repeat (if you dearly pay attention to what you learn and put that into action).

Intrigued enough? Hey, it’s THHHEE time for you to say…

In other words, If you’re someone:

  • Ready to dive into the entrepreneurial world and do not have a direction
  • Stuck in your current business and need someone to hold your hand
  • Aim to be your own boss, desire a brighter lifestyle and a six figure income
  • Want to build a massive track record of success for your digital business

Then, look no further than SBK!

I know because I myself have done it

And I have helped several of my students to do the same.

And on top of that,

I’m confident I can do the same for YOU!

Let’s make it happen!

P.S: Oh, I almost forgot to tell you,

Whenever the program is open, I can afford to take on a few people.

So, with that being said:

If you’re at all interested to join our intimate group and get the most sought-after business coach in your corner, coaching, mentoring, guiding, and directing you in your business - you gotta act now!

Client Testimonial

"SBK was the perfect investment I did for my business before the year ends, been very hesitant to give it a try but now I am confident way more than before.

The biggest takeaway from SBK was clearing the clutter and having a clear vision of my life and business.

What made it interesting is the uncomfortable questions that Neelu asks during the sessions which make us ponder on our mistakes and take action.

Neelu with hand-down experience in the market makes her the perfect coach.

She guided me to change the complete look of my business from the name which I was hesitant about before SBK.

If you're a budding business or experienced this is a golden opportunity for you to understand every bit of it and implement it in our business.

My heartfelt gratitude to Neelu for training us to think with better goals, hope to see growth in my business which you made us confident in.

Thank you!"

-- Aysha Hiba, @enwrap.ae_

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SBK beginner friendly?

Yes, it is. 

When are the Live sessions conducted?

The Live sessions are conducted online via Zoom, every Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 8 pm IST

Will I've access to replays?

Yes, attendees will have access to the replays for 90 days. 

How much is the investment?

The investment is discussed with applicants who're accepted into the program only. However, to give you an idea - it's 3 digits in USD. 

And an instalment plan is available. 

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