Step by Step Hand lettering project combined with Quilling – Photo Tutorial

Hey! This is Jehan from JeCrafts. First of all a very happy new year. Hope all of you had a vibrant start this year. For this month’s theme which is ‘Hope,’ I decided to do a project in a combination of Quilling and Handlettering.

The materials used are

To begin with hand letter the chosen quote about hope on the watercolor paper. Then draw the guidelines as to where quilled elements have to be placed.

Now start creating the quilled elements. To make the main flower choose a quilling strip and using the border buddy make the outer shape of the petal.

Next to make the swirls to fit in the petal. Start with the slotted needle tool at a distance from one end of the paper strip. Using the tool roll towards the end. The slotted needle tool will roll the quilling paper around itself, pulling in both ends of the strip at the same time. Place the needle tool below the coil created a distance like before and coil again. Continue for the whole length of the quilling strip. This method is called Beehive Quilling Technique.

Fit in the swirl into the petal and glue it inside. Form all the four petals in the same way.

To form the center of the flower quill two strips of different shade one after another.

Cut thin strips using a paper of harder thickness. Using the border buddy make small triangles and stick them behind every petal. This is to create a 3D effect for the flower. Stick the flower on to the paper with the center.

Now to create the side swirl. Choose a bunch of green quilling strips in different shades. Stack them one over the other and stick them together. After getting the coil to the size and shape you want, apply a little glue between the layers of paper on the tail end. Then, cut all the strips at the same place, right where the glue ends. Coil the tail end again in the reverse direction. The final swirl will look as below. Make two swirls for every main flower.

Place the swirls on either side of the flower.


Next to make the smaller quilled flower element. To make the teardrop petal, quill a strip into a tight coil. Place the coil into one of the circles of the quilling sizing cork board and allow it uncoil. Remove it from the board and stick the end. Now hold the coil with your tweezers and pinch the opposite end. Your teardrop petal will look as below. Create more petals in the same manner. For the center of these small flower quill a paper strip into a tight coil and stick them on the paper as shown below.

Create the same arrangement of quilled elements below the quote also.

Now that we have completed the quilling part it is time to add the watercolors to the quote. Choose the color palette you want to use for the quote and add the colors. I made a small change in the lettering in my final draft.

Erase off the pencil guidelines. To add more effect splatter watercolor over the quote. And there it is! The final look,

Hope you guys enjoyed this month’s project of mine. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please feel free to share your queries and feedback in the comments section below.

Until next time happy crafting!

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