" I have known Neelu for quite some time now, first as an Online Craft Store owner in Dubai, then watched her successfully transitioning into a Brush Calligraphy Artist.
Though I had not met her in person, I always admired her as a woman entrepreneur, as her customer I was amazed how methodically she ran her businesses and passionately managed her family.
I always wished to know her secret 😀 So when she launched her coaching program it was like a prayer answered!
Joining CBA has been a turning point in my life, the program has not only given me deep insights into how to use social media platforms systematically to promote my business, it has eradicated many confusions regarding what I want and where I want to go with my work.
It has completely changed my money mindset, helping me set clear goals and move towards them methodically. I recommend this program to all Crafters n Artists who are struggling to get their business up and running!
‘Thank you Neelu’ for this well thought of program, it has been a good learning experience. Wishing you all the best!
- Manisha, Founder - Magic Fingers Art
" Silhouettebrushstrokes was more like a hobby page and less like business before i joined CBA. I did have a few sales here and there but that was it. I was so confused about how to move it forward as a business because i had zero idea and noone to guide me. Thats when i decided to join CBA. I knew Neelu was the best coach i could get as she have been in the art field for a long time both as an artist and also as an art business owner. Neelu guided me throughout the sessions. Each module of hers explains clearly what we should do and should not do as a business There were moments where a bulb clicked like "ahaa....thats where i went wrong".
She is a very understanding, patient and supportive coach who does not take any slacking off from her client. She does not sugarcoat anything and do tell us if she is dissapointed with our progress, which I believe is needed in a good mentor.
She is there to celebrate your wins and also help you climb up when you fall.
My biggest transformation would be how I am able to see and focus on silhouettebrushstrokes as a full time business rather than an art page. CBA helped me to manage my time, understand the importance of niche and money mindset in business.
I do recommend CBA and Neelu to artists,like me, who want to shift their focus from hobby to business.
- Rubi, Founder - Silhouette Brush Strokes
" I was one of Neelu’s followers since Pretty Paper Studio, and still regret never being able to visit PPS in person. I always admired how she was able to take care of her children and her business: something I deeply struggled with.
When she launched CBA, I was very intrigued, but I had the idea that I should try to grow my business on my own first. However, I’m the kind of person that allows what happens in life to put my business on hold. After all, I looked at it more as a hobby and never made it a priority, so growth was minimal, mostly even non-existent.
Then I saw that CBA was offered again, and at a discount, so I thought: if not now then WHEN? And so began my 90-day journey. The most important part for me was accountability. It helps a lot, if you’re like me, when there is a weekly deadline for homework, and feedback that helps you put things in better perspective.
Neelu is always understanding and encouraging, and always shows the bright side of things. I learned that any problem or difficulty can be easily dealt with if you have the right mindset, and that sometimes we unknowingly complicate things for no reason.
The knowledge and tools she provides are extensive and comprehensive, leaving you all set up for growth. My growth was slow within these 90 days, but only because this is my nature. I have a fear of rushing things. But I am now all equipped with the know-how to help me overcome that.
If you struggle like I did, especially with a crafting small business, then you won’t find a better coach than Neelu. She has been there and done that, so she speaks from personal experience. What she offers to her clients is the essence of her journey. There is not a module or a piece of homework where you feel like you are wasting your time.
I feel very lucky to have been part of CBA, and look forward to seeing where my journey takes me from here onward. Thank you Neelu for everything. I will always be grateful.
- Hala, Founder - H.Cardz
" I am beyond thrilled to have invested in this program and already feeling sad that it’s almost over. It felt like too soon . With Neelu’s guidance and support I have my Business Goals & Vision in place . There are so many things that we know we need to do get done but do not know how to go about it . There may be plenty of information on google but what works and what doesn't is what we do not know. There is not much time to do a trial and error. With Neelu’s structured program , we have a defined path that helps us progress without wasting our valuable time , which instead can be put to learn the techniques & see amazing results in our business.
She will not fish for us but she will teach us how to fish & that’s exactly what we need from a mentor so we can continue to apply all that we learnt through out our business, even when they are not around.
She being an artist and having run an art business for many years , is able to understand the pain points of an artist and always has solutions to all the problems and hiccups we face in our journey. She is so well informed and is able to pass that knowledge to us learners.
She will not sugar coat stuff to make us happy but will always give her honest opinions and will never influence us to make a decison. She makes us think and come up with solutions rather than spoon feeding us. This helps us to think out of the box , so even when she is not around after the program, we are not going to be stuck. She basically grooms us well. That is what a good mentor does and she proves that well.
So if you are someone like me , looking for a good guidance and scaling your business, then dont hesitate and enroll yourself in this program. You will not regret it , I promise.
- Azeeja Aman, Founder - The Sewing Fairy
"As a new artist who had no clue about the art business, it is an absolute blessing to be mentored by Neelu. When I had reached out to Neelu few months back, I was clueless and had no confidence in myself. Neelu helped me realize what I really wanted to do and to believe that it was possible.
She has that ability to make you recognize your own potential and help to guide you towards it. Joining CBA was the best decision ever! With Neelu’s guidance and inspiration I was able to start my pet portrait business and get paid on commission. Since joining CBA, I have already received 8 orders!
From setting up pricing, talking to clients in DMs, posting on Instagram, and managing my time for the business, Neelu guided me through every step of it. She is an excellent listener and is always ready to answer all my doubts and queries with a calm and smiling face.
What I like the most about her coaching, is that she is creative herself and has a good knowledge and understanding of how an artist works.
I believe that the techniques and approaches taught by Neelu would help me even after the end of CBA. If you are an artist, I highly recommend joining CBA as this would help you find clarity and direction in your art business.
- Lanchana Anoop, Pet Portrait Artist
"When I came across CBA and what Neelu was offering through her program. I knew that it's going to clear out a lot of clutter in my brain regarding my business. I have been following Neelu for quiet sometime and wanted to be a part of her program someday. With the discovery call itself, she gave so much insight into how to run a business more mindfully. What I love the most is SHE IS A VERY STRICT COACH, I believe that is very important atleast for me and it works wonders. CBA is a very detailed program; regardless of what your niche is, Neelu is an expert in tailoring it to your requirement.
I've learnt to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, I'm sure most of us artists start out of passion and the transition to a business owner is difficult. With CBA I've learnt how to break down my bigger goals into achievable little chunks. My DM is constantly beeping now MashaaAllah , all thanks to Neelu.
I knew what products I wanted to create, but I learnt how to express value for them. I learnt how to manage my efforts for better results. 
As Neelu always stresses on and I keep reminding myself, there's no point in attending the program if you're not going to put whatever your learn into practice.
- Farhana (Fara), Founder - Fara's Gift Cart
"CBA was a perfect opportunity sent my way when I needed it the most. I was struggling with clarity regarding a lot of things for my small business. Nielouphar has helped me a lot with the same, one step at a time. The program is so well planned and spaced out and has been a real eye opener for me. The takeaway from the whole program was absolutely mind blowing. You know your mentor is good when not only you, but others around you notice positive changes in your business.
As a mom and a solopreneur things don't always go as per plan and I have had to reschedule a couple of times and Nielouphar was very accommodating and understanding. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to join more coaching programs by her!
- Nazneen Faisal, Founder - Inspired by Nu
" Having previously worked with Nielouphar on the Pretty Paper Studio Design Team and seen her growth as a business owner and business coach, I knew joining her coaching program was going to yield results. For me, transitioning my passion for Calligraphy into a business had started to get overwhelming.
From the very start of the program, each module helped to streamline my thought processes and structure my plan of action. Nielouphar was always encouraging, patient and insightful. The program was packed with high value content covering many different aspects of running a business and led to several aha moments.
From topics such as understanding how to break down goals, time management, social media marketing; CBA provided a wealth of knowledge with weekly content tailored to my needs.
Nielouphar was incredibly intuitive and supportive throughout the program, and I have gained much needed clarity and confidence regarding my goals and the steps I need to take to achieve them. I can only speak highly of Nielouphar and recommend her to anyone who needs a professional coach and mentor.
- Mable Carlota, Calligraphy Artist
"I have never been a part of a coaching program earlier or a business consultation call for that matter. When I won a consultation with Nielouphar last year, I experienced what mentorship support is all about. Nielouphar never rushes you and that worked best for me because I am always chasing a deadline. Her feedback during the first consultation was something I would keep going back to during the year, and I gradually started incorporating it as and when it was possible.
When CBA was launched, I honestly knew I needed support in some aspects of my business but wasn't sure what those aspects were. This program has equipped me to identify the foundations of running a creative business and Nielouphar's mentorship has given me the edge to prioritize and gain clarity over those aspects.
By myself, each component would have taken me longer, something I did not have the time to learn about. Being able to apply and test out marketing practices each week and have my questions addressed was another awesome way of learning during these sessions.
For those looking to join in, I would certainly say that when learning the concept and applying it, the effects of growing will not be evident, but you have to believe in persisting to see a socially Instragrammable moment. The work done during the session will be messy, but what you learn is how to wade through the mess without overthinking.
My biggest transformation would be my ability to see what is unique to Arabically, instead of worrying about others who are trying to do the same activities. Nielouphar gives you honest advice and that sincerity pays off in different ways. Being part of a weekly cohort is one way to untangle your business-related fears and this program has been a cornerstone during this pandemic.
- Juwaeriah Siddiqui, Founder - Arabically