You’re my Angel | Photo Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This is Nikita here and I am sharing a tutorial today. For this project, the song that inspired me Lionel Richie’s Angel. So, obviously, I made an angel. Here she is.


And in today’s detailed post, I’m going to show you how I made her.

The basic idea for this was inspired by Diane Boden Crane. In her book ‘Miniature Quilling,’ Diane has made many more such dolls. You can check those out too.



2 Full Quilling Strips – Beige/Tan – any skin colour of your choice, Slotted Needle, Glue, Quilling Mold

How to:


STEP 1: Join both strips and roll a solid coil. To get rid of the hole in the centre, skip the slotted needle and use your fingers. It takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy and fun.

STEP 2: Place the solid coil on an appropriate dome on the Mold and push downwards from two ends, applying even pressure.

STEP 3: You should get a concave coil, as shown in the picture.




1 Quilling Strip – Off White – you can pick your own depending on what you want her dress to look like, Slotted Needle, Glue.

How to:


STEP 1 & 2: Make a loose coil and shape it into a teardrop by pinching one side.

STEP 3 & 4: Pinch another part to its left.

The head and body go one below the other as seen in the image below.





1 Brown (or another hair color) Quilling Strip, Scissors, Quilling Needle

How to:


STEP 1: Cut the long strip into smaller pieces and cut each piece vertically.

STEP 2: This should give you two strips of the same length but thinner than 3mm.

STEP 3: Cut all of the smaller strips into two.

STEP 4: Using the Needle tool, roll the strips like you would curl your hair.

STEP 5 & 6: Repeat the process with all strips to get curls.




2 Full Quilling Strips each in 5 different colours – total 10, preferably in the same family (I used pinks and purples), Glue, Scissors.

How to:


STEP 1: Align the colours from lightest to darkest.

STEP 2: Glue strips of the same colour together.

STEPS 3-6: Glue the pair of strips (starting with the lightest) to the next darkest colour, until all ten strips are glued together.


STEP 7: You should have a nice little bunch of strips.

STEP 8: Start with the lightest strip (in this case – Pale Pink) and make a loop.

STEP 9: Make sure you apply a little glue where the loop joins.

STEP 10: With the next Pale Pink strip, make another loop, this time, slightly longer than the first.

STEP 11: Continue to make longer loops with all the strips, one after the other.

STEP 12: When you’ve made loops from all colours, you should have this.


STEP 13: Bend all the strips backwards.

STEP 14: Make a fold so that the strips don’t bounce back.

STEP 15: Start making loops again, just like we did earlier.

STEP 16: Repeat steps 8-12 till you have sufficient width. I made a set of 5 loops.

STEP 17: Cut off all strips except the first and the last (lightest and darkest)

STEP 18: Apply droplets of glue on the folds and first glue down the lightest strip.


STEP 19: First glue down the lightest strip.

STEP 20: Add glue drops.

STEP 21: Cut the extra dark strip and add glue at the end.

STEP 22: Fold it over the hinges of the loops, just like we did with the lightest and hold it with a tweezer.

STEP 23: The dress will now hold together.

STEP 24: Pinch the ends of each loop to make the end point-y. This is not necessary. You can choose to leave it as it is.


STEP 25: Apply glue between two loops.

STEP 26: Hold them together for a few seconds.

STEP 27: Repeat the process with the other loops. Now the ‘gaps’ between the dress are gone.

STEP 28: This is not glued down yet. This image is just to show you how the pieces will go together.




1 off white Quilling Strip for each wing – total 4, coloured strips (can use leftovers from the dress) for the outline, Glue, Scissors.

How to:


STEP 1: Take an off white Quilling strip and make a small loop.

STEP 2: Pull the strip around and make another loop, larger than the first one.

STEP 3. Repeat the process till you have around 6-7 loops for the small wing (2 pieces) and around 10-12 loops for the large wing (2 pieces).

STEP 4: Close the loop.


STEP 5: Press the top end of the loop with your index finger.

STEP 6: This is only to give a nice shape to the wing. Do this for all four pieces.

STEP 7: This is how your wings will look.

STEP 8: Wrap the off white piece with any colour from the dress. I chose different colours for the small and large wings.



STEP 1: Apply a little glue to the circular portion of the angel’s body.

STEP 2: Join that with the bottom of the angel’s face.

STEP 3 & 4: Attach the hair on all sides. You can always trim it down if you feel it’s too long.

STEP 5: Add a belt (optional) to the angel’s dress. I added a few dots with Tombow Carded Red marker.

STEP 6: Join the large wing with the small wing.


STEP 7: Apply glue to the bottom of the angel’s body.

STEP 8: Adhere the body to the dress.

STEO 9: Here’s what we have so far.


STEP 10: Add droplets of glue to the corners of the wing.

STEPS 11-13: Adhere the wings to the back, one beside the other.


STEP 14: For the arms and legs, use 4 toothpicks. Cut their ends off and make it smooth. For hands and feet, use 4 teardrops, made in the same colour as the face using only 1/8th of the strip’s length.


STEP 15: For the arms, bend the toothpicks. But be careful to not break them.


STEP 16: Apply glue to the end of the toothpick and insert it in the teardrop.

STEP 17: Apply glue on the upper half of the leg.

STEP 18: Adhere it to the back of the dress.

STEP 19: Do the same for the other leg. Similar process for the arms.




STEP 20 & 21: Make a tiny circle using the yellow strip and add a small white strip to it.

STEP 22: Apply glue to the white strip and adhere it to the back of the angel’s head.

STEP 23: Ta-da!

19 20

Then I punched out some butterflies using a Martha Stewart Punch.

After that, I just distressed some cardstock and adhered the angel  on it and painted the sentiment. Here are some more pictures.

PPS-QuilledAngel-NikitaAzad-3 PPS-QuilledAngel-NikitaAzad-5 PPS-QuilledAngel-NikitaAzad-7 PPS-QuilledAngel-NikitaAzad-8 PPS-QuilledAngel-NikitaAzad-9 PPS-QuilledAngel-NikitaAzad-10 PPS-QuilledAngel-NikitaAzad-11

I hope you all liked it and will play along at the fun challenge this month.

For this month’s challenge, here is what you have to do:

1. Create a project about any song that inspire you.

2. Upload your entry at our  members gallery and link us up in this thread in the forum “October 2015 challenge – All about songs”.

3. All entries are due by October 31, 2015. Challenge winner will receive a prize pack worth AED50.



1. A winner will be announced only if we have THREE new submissions.

2. All projects submitted for the challenge must be new and created AFTER the challenge went live.



Fiskars SureCut Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer 12″

Bo Bunny 6×6″ Paper Pad – Madeleine

Martha Stewart Scoring Board

Martha Stewart Punches Medium Classic 3 In 1 Butterfly

Tim Holtz Spun Sugar Distress Dye Ink Pad

Prima Chalk Fluid Ink Pad – Hydrangea

Ranger Mini Ink Blending Tool 1″

Quilled Creations Fine Tip Scissors

Quilled Creations Quilling Tweezers

Quilled Creations Precision Tip Glue Applicator Bottle

Quilled Creations Slotted Tool

Quilled Creations Quilling Paper Mixed Colors .25″ 100/Pkg – Browns

Quilled Creations Quilling Paper Mixed Colors .375″ 100/Pkg – Pinks

Quilled Creations Quilling Paper .125″ 50/Pkg Ivory

Quilled Creations Quilling Mini Mold

Quilled Creations Needle Tool

Light Brown Quilling Paper

Yellow Quilling Paper